Monasteries and churches

Monasteries and churches in Bulgaria

The Batoshevo monastery
The Batoshevo monastery is situated over the village of Batoshevo near the town of Sevlievo. It was established in 1250 at the time of Tsar Mikhail Asen. It was...
Christ Pantocrator church - 13th-14th c., Nessebar
Built in the so called "picturesque style", the church is a real treasure for Nessebar. Its wall paintings are remarkable for the medieval religious architectur...
St. Sophia church (also known as the Old Metropolia) 5th - 6th c., Nessebar
This is one of the most imposing ancient buildings. The central nave is two times larger than the lateral ones and is separated by massive pillars linked with a...
The St. Stephan church (New Metropolia) 10th 11thc., Nessebar
This historical monument dedicated to the Holly Mother is with wall paintings from 16th -17th c. The donor was Christopher, bishop of Nessebar and exarch of ent...
Archangels' Michael and Gabriel church -13th- 14th c, Nessebar
The good condition of the building makes it a valuable source of information about the Bulgarian architectural school. The typical bell-tower rises above the na...
The church of St. John the Baptist - 9th -10th c., Nessebar
Built of stone blocks linked with mortar. Six solid blocks have been built with channels within for the rainwater. The faces of these elements are decorated wit...
St. John Aliturgetos church - 14th c., Nessebar
The name of the church "Aliturgetos" means non-sanctified. A big earthquake partly destroyed the building in 1913, anyway the church is a priceless monument of ...
The St. Paraskeva church - 13th c., Nessebar
This church is situated in the northern part of Nessebar, and is famous with its rich decorated facade. The building was constructed of lines of white stone blo...
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