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The Kordopulov’s house

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The Kordopulov’s house

The Kordopulov’s house, built in 1754 year, has belonged to the rich and well-recognized family Kordopulovs in Melnik. It has a ground floor in which there is a wine-cellar built in for wine, inside the house we can also find a semi-floor with economic purpose and a floor used for living. The capacity of the wine-cellar is 250-300 tones wine. The most interesting room on the floor is the guest-room – its size, the place and the area of the windows, the technique used in decorating the ceiling, the variety of styles applied-all these features make the room very unique for our geographical horizons.

The windows in the bottom of the house (their number is 12) are in typical Bulgarian style, very characteristic foe our national revival. The windows (also 12) in the top line of the house are with color glasses and they represent a mix of venetians and oriental ornaments. The ceiling, quite impressive decorated, is made of boards and profiled laths.

The north side of the room in which there are wardrobes built in is drawn in a very artistic way with baroque ornaments.