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The town of Devin is located in a small hilly basin in the Rhodopes, near the town of Smolyan, at an altitude above sea level of 710 metres. The air here is crystal clear and the forest vegetation is unique. Four plants can be seen here that exist only here and nowhere else on our planet.

The curative waters of Devin are suitable for treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system, nervous system, reproductive system and other diseases.

Around the town of Devin are situated the famous caves Diavolskoto garlo and the Yagodina cave; the gorges – Trigradsko, Buinovsko and Yagodinsko. The picturesque localities of Lesichevo, Amzovo, Izvora, Struilishte, the “Slona” rock phenomenon, and the Roman “kemerov” (vaulted) bridge also attract the tourists.