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The “Assumption” monastery of Sokolski

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The “Assumption” monastery of Sokolski

The “Assumption” monastery of Sokolski is situated 18 km from the city of Gabrovo in the Sokolova Cave area. Its founder was the first Father Superior Archimandrite Yosif Sokolski. In 1832 Yosif Sokolski together with senior monk Agapius chose the rock terrace in front of the Sokolova Cave for the new monastery. The first church was dug in the limestone rock.

The present-day church was built in 1834 and the wall-paintings on its inner and outdoor side were painted in 1862. It is believed that the icon of the Mother of Christ and the Infant is Miraculous. A valuable architectural monument in the churchyard is the big circular fountain, constructed by Kolyo Ficheto.

The Sokolski monastery is closely related to the struggle for liberation the Bulgarian people. In 1865 the flag of the Captain Dyado Nikola’s band was sanctified here; in 1876 the participants in the April Uprising from Gabrovo region gathered in the monastery.