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The Zemen Municipality is part of Pernik District. It is 42 km to the southwest of Pernik and 70 km away from Sofia. The town of Zemen is located in a little trough along the valley of the Strouma River and has semi-mountainous relief. The altitude is 700 m above sea level. The railway from Sofia to Kyustendil /Gyueshevo/ passes through its territory. It is part of the envisaged Transport Corridor No. 8, which is to connect the Adriatic Sea with the Black Sea.

The most often visited tourist site by both Bulgarian and foreign tourists is the Zemen Monastery. It is 1,5 km from the Zemen Railway Station.

Cities and villages in Zemen municipality: Village of Berende, Village of Blateshnitsa, Village of Chepino, Village of Divlya, Village of Dolna Vrabcha, Village of Elovdol, Village of Gabrovdol, Village of Gorna Glogovitsa, Village of Gorna Vrabcha, Village of Jablyano, Village of Kalotintsi, Village of Mureno, Village of Odranitsa, Village of Padine, Village of Peshtera, Village of Rayantsi, Village of Smirov dol, Village of Vranya stena, Town of Zemen