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Zlatograd municipality is spread on a territory of 175.8 km2. It has common borders with the municipalities of Kirkovo and Dzhebel (to the east), Nedelino (to the north), Madan and Rudozem (to the west) and with the Republic of Greece (to the south) - on the borderline between Bulgaria and Greece).

The municipality is included in the transient-Mediterranean climate region. The relief is mountainous. The territory of the municipality is crossed by Varbitza river which is 98.1 km long and its catchment basin is 1202.8 km. Nedelinska and Kushlenska rivers are tributaries of Varbitza. There is a dam lake called "Zlatograd" with water capacity of 4,4.106 m . and a micro dam lake called "Hasidere" (0,4.106 m).

There is a tailings pond called "Erma Reka" which is 8 km away from the town of Zlatograd and 5 km away from the village of Erma Reka. The municipality is rich in underground resources. In the surroundings of Erma Reka there is a geothermal deposit of hot mineral water.

The number of population is around 14,800 citizens, most of them living in the town of Zlatograd (8,444) and the villages of Starcevo and Erma reka (the total number of village population is 6,430). The municipality comprises Zlatograd and 9 more settlements.

Cities and villages in Zlatograd municipality: Village of Alamovtsi, Village of Dolen, Village of Erma reka, Village of Fabrika, Village