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The Lovech municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Lovech District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Lovech - 150km from Sofia) and 34 villages. The main transport and communication units that set the course of its development are: Gorna Oryahovitsa airport, Svishtov port on the Danube River, Varna port on the Black Sea, Rousse border control point, Levski railway center and the railway line Svishtov - Levski - Lovech - Troyan.

Almost all industrial branches are developed in the municipality - machine building and metal processing, electro-technical industry, furniture, textiles and clothes-making industries, leather industry and foodstuffs industry.

The territory of the municipality abounds in natural sights. The following are located in it: Devetashka cave - the cave is 18 km to the northeast of Lovech city, on the right bank of the Osam River; Zamaka (the Castle) natural phenomenon; Kralimarkov Kalpak in the area of the Yellow rocks; Iglata (the Needle) and more. Lovech municipality has large resource for development of different types of tourism - cultural, historical, ecotourism.

Cities and villages in Lovech municipality: Village of Ablanitsa, Village of Aleksandrovo, Village of Bahovitsa, Village of Brestovo, Village of Bulgarene, Village of Chavdartsi, Village of Devetaki, Village of Doyrentsi, Village of Drenov, Village of Dubrava, Village of Goran, Village of Gorno Pavlikene, Village of Gostinya, Village of Hlevene, Village of Izvorche, Village of Kazachevo, Village of Kukrina, Village of Leshnitsa, Village of Lisets, Town of Lovech, Village of Malinovo, Village of Prelom, Village of Presyaka, Village of Radyuvene, Village of Skobelevo, Village of Slatina, Village of Slavyani, Village of Slivek, Village of Smochan, Village of Sokolovo, Village of Stefanovo, Village of Tepava, Village of Umarevtsi, Village of Vladinya, Village of Yoglav