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Nova Zagora Municipality is situated in south-eastern Bulgaria (Sliven district) in the northern part of the Upper Thracian Valley between the big regional centers of Stara Zagora, Sliven and Yambol. Its territory covers the Novozagorsko pole the Sveti Iliyski vuzvishenia (St Ilia Hills) and part of the Sredna Gora Mountain slopes.

The climate is moderate and favorable for developing agriculture. Major water resources are the Toundzha River, the Sazliyka River and the Blatnitsa River. Upon the Toundzha River Zhrebchevo Dam Lake has been built. Near the village of Korten there is a mineral spring. Near the village of Dyadovo there are stone-pits, near the village of Elenovo - quarts and quartzite fields, and on the northern slopes of the Sveti Iliyski Vuzvishenia - gypsum and graphite deposits. Nova Zagora is an important railway and highway center.

The major sights are located in the northern part of the municipality. Such are the stone formations Orlov Kamuk (Eagle`s Stone), the picturesque branches of the Toundzha River, and the remains from the Roma fortress near Zhrebchevo Dam Lake. There are potential opportunities for developing health, holiday, cultural and ecotourism. Along the Toundzha River in the outskirts of the village of Banya, around Zhrebchevo Dam Lake there are conditions for fishing, rest and recreation. The Horse-riding Stables Facility provides opportunities for horse sports and swimming.

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