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The Radomir municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Pernik District. The Municipality consists of town of Radomir and 31 villages. The Municipality is situated in the Radomir hollow along the course of the Strouma River between the Konyovska Mountain, Gologlavski Vissochini heights and the mountains Golo Bardo, Verila and Cherna Gora. Radomir Municipality borders on Pernik Municipality to the north, Samokov to the east, the municipalities of Doupnitsa and Bobov Dol to the south, and Kustendil town, Zemen village and Kovachevtsi village to the west. The relief is semi-mountainous. The average altitude above sea level is 600 - 660 meters. The territory of the Municipality is crossed by main roads Е-871, Е-627, Е-69 and the railway lines Sofia - Kustendil and Sofia - Koulata.

The almost flat relief, the closeness to Sofia city and Pernik city, as well as the good transport communications have facilitated the development of a number of industrial branches and especially of heavy machine-building.

Cities and villages in Radomir municipality: Village of Baykalsko, Village of Belanitsa, Village of Boboratsi, Village of Bornarevo, Village of Chervena mogila, Village of Chukovets, Village of Debeli lag, Village of Dolna Dikanya, Village of Dolni Rakovets, Village of Dragomirovo, Village of Dren, Village of Drugan, Village of Galabnik, Village of Gorna Dikanya, Village of Izvor, Village of Jedna, Village of Jitusha, Village of Kasilag, Village of Klenovik, Village of Kondofrey, Village of Kopanitsa, Village of Kosharite, Village of Negovantsi, Village of Nikolaevo, Village of Potsurnentsi, Village of Priboy, Village of Radibosh, Town of Radomir, Village of Staro selo, Village of Stefanovo, Village of Uglyartsi, Village of Vladimir