Natural phenomena

Natural phenomena in Bulgaria

The Belogradchik Rocks
The Belogradchik Rocks are situated in the Western part of the Fore Balkan. They are a geologic and geomorphologic formation, which is famous for its natural an...
Kamenna Prikazka (Stony Fairytale)
Kamenna Prikazka (Stony Fairytale) comprises of rock formations and is situated near the village of Vlahi. On an area of 50 decares strange figures are sculptur...
Dzhuglata is located along the Iskar Gorge and goes through Tserovo train station. Here over the vertically cut bank of the Iskar, on a platform rises a weird r...
Vrattsata is a picturesque and high rocky defile, a gorge of the Levya River in the northeastern slope of Vratsa Mountain. The vertical rocks end in sharp crags...
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