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Karnobat municipality is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria and it is included in the administrative territorial boundaries of Bourgas region (60 km west of Bourgas on the way to Sofia). The Municipality uses an international transport corridor directly. Rishki passage connects the municipality with North Bulgaria. The relief is mainly flat, cut across by the valleys of the Mochouritsa and Roussokastrenska Rivers. A part of Karnobat-Aitos Balkan is located in the northern part of the territory.

Karnobat Municipality has good environmental parameters. The region has a wide variety of game, which is favorable prerequisite for development of hunting tourism. The overall hunting area is 577 sq.km. (managed by the hunting and fishing society of town Karnobat).

Fishing is concentrated mainly in the 80 manmade water reservoirs, the vicinity of which is convenient for picnics, hunting and fishing. At a distance of 15 km from Karnobat is the Straldzha swamp. It is the largest inland lake in Bulgaria.

Cities and villages in Karnobat municipality: Village of Asparuhovo, Village of Cherkovo, Village of Detelina, Village of Devetak, Village of Devetintsi, Village of Dobrinovo, Village of Dragantsi, Village of Dragovo, Village of Ekzarh Antimovo, Village of Glumche, Village of Hadjiite, Village of Iskra, Village of Jeleznik, Village of Jitosvyat, Town of Karnobat, Village of Klikach, Village of Kozare, Village of Krumovo gradishte, Village of Krushovo, Village of Madrino, Village of Nevestino, Village of Ognen, Village of Raklitsa, Village of San-Stefano, Village of Sigmen, Village of Smolnik, Village of Sokolovo, Village of Surnevo, Village of Tserkovski, Village of Venets, Village of Zimen