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Kresna municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad District. The Municipality consists of town Kresna and 9 villages. The municipality has an important logistics and geographic location. The shortest road connecting the capital city of Bulgaria and neighboring Greece passes through the town of Kresna - first-class international Road E-79 and the Sofia - Koulata - Athens railway line. The Sredna Strouma River valley divides the territory of the municipality in two sections - the Pirin and the Maleshev. The territory of Kresna municipality is an interesting mosaic of diverse relief types. The altitude varies from 150 m at the village of Dolna Gradeshnitsa to as high as 2,914 m at Vihren peak.

The Strouma River valley is characterized by a typical transitional Mediterranean climate. The average duration of sunshine is about 2,436 hours per year - one of the highest in the country and approximating that of some famous resorts along the Dalmatian coastline. The main water thoroughfare is the Strouma River, which north of Kresna meanders through a beautiful gorge bearing the name of the town. Natural water basins feature the exceptionally attractive Sinevrashki, Georgijski and Vlahinski lakes. Matchless natural resource is the mineral springs discovered in four main locations: between the town of Kresna and the village of Dolna Gradeshnitsa, between the villages of Stara Kresna and Oshtava, near the villages of Gorna Breznitsa and Vlahi, the most developed so far being the Gradeshki springs.

Cities and villages in Kresna municipality: Village of Budiltsi, Village of Dolna Gradeshnitsa, Village of Ezerets, Village of Gorna Breznitsa, Town of Kresna, Village of Novo selo, Village of Oshtava, Village of Slivnitsa, Village of Stara Kresna, Village of Vlahi