Ancient thrace tombs and romans sights

Rimski Termi (Roman thermal baths)
This is the greatest preserved edifice from Antiquity on the territory of Bulgaria nowadays. It occupies an area of 7200 sq.m. Ruins of high walls survived the ...
The Antique Theatre – Plovdiv
The Antique Theatre was built by Mark Aurelius in 2nd c. It is the most impressive building from the Roman time that has been preserved to the present day. The ...
The Neolithic dwellings in Stara Zagora
Two unique dwellings from the Neolithic period from the middle of 6th c. BC have been exhibited in a special protected building and preserved with their invento...
The Thracian Tomb near Sveshtari Village
It lies 5 km to the north of the town of Isperih. Since 1985 it has been included in the Register of World Cultural Heritage. The tomb dates back to the 3-rd ce...
The Kabile National Archeological Reserve
It is 8 km to the north-west of Yambol. Since 1972, regular archeological excavation works have been conducted here. As a result, tourists can observe the remai...
The Thracian tomb in Kazanlak
The Thracian tomb is located in the northern part of the town of Kazanlak. It was opened in 1944. The tomb is the only monument to the art of painting of the ea...
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