Varna museums

Varna museums, sights and landmarks

Rimski Termi (Roman thermal baths)
This is the greatest preserved edifice from Antiquity on the territory of Bulgaria nowadays. It occupies an area of 7200 sq.m. Ruins of high walls survived the ...
“Friendship Between the Peoples since 1444” Museum
This museum was established in a park in the western part of town. It is organized around the theme of the united European peoples against the Ottoman invasion...
The Navy Museum - Varna
The Navy Museum is established in an elegant building not far from the sea. There is also an open-air exposition where authentic sea-going vessels are shown.The...
New Museum of the Revival in Varna
The new exposition of the Museum of the Revival in Varna is situated on 21 L. Zamenhof Street in an old building which was constructed at the end of the 19th ce...
The Aquarium
The Varna Aquarium is inseparable part of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquacultures. The construction was built in 1911 and the aquarium started functioning i...
The Archaeological Museum – Varna
It was established in 1888 and has two main sections – Art and Archaeology. The archaeological section comprises the finds and the golden treasuers from the Var...
The Planetarium
In 1964, on the initiative of the Astronautics and Astronomy club in Varna, established in 1960, the construction of an observatory began. The building of the o...
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