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Sinite Kamani National Park

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Sinite Kamani National Park

One of the ways by which tourists can reach Sinite Kamani Natural Park is via cabin lift going between Sliven and Karandila locality. In 18 minutes the tourist rises up to 1050 m above sea level. An amazing sight opens up ti the eye when gazing northwards: the richness of blue and violet of the Sinite Kamani sheer, high-emerging rocky dents. On their way upwards to the Karandila, tourists will enjoy the majestic savage nature with its clear and cold-water springs, glamorous beech woods, vivid colourful meadows, eagles, falcons, hawks flying in the clear-blue infinity of the sky. Nested high among the peaks of the rocks dominating the town, the Karandila sports a great number of hotels, sport facilities, a hang-gliding track, a television retransmitter built on the top.

On the territory of the Karandila, in a rarely picturesque nature nook, there is a spring called Koushbounar, whose healing properties have been known and appreciated since Thracian times. A legend tells that the spring rejuvenated the old eagles and gave strength and power to the junior ones.

Fantastic views open up to tourists when going up and down on the lift. From the Karandila one can also see one of the symbols of Sliven – the rocky phenomenon called The Ring.

The park covers an area of 6700 hectares, 2500 of them in the vicinity of Sliven, Kutelka, Kumina, Kaleto and Orta Bair are impressive rock mounds.

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