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The town of Obzor is a pretty tranquil seaside resort with spectacular and spacious beaches, calm sea, fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings. It is situated in one of the most picturesque spots on the northen Black Sea coastline, in the bay between Cape St. Atanas (to the north) and the outskirts of Emona Mountain (to the south) – the last wooded foothills of the eastern Old Mountains (the Bulgarian name for the Balkans). The town which in terms of administrative division belongs to the Municipiality of Nessebar, lies on the border between the districts of Bourgas and Varna, on the E-79 highway. It is set some 60 km away from the cities of Burgas and Varna. About 40 km south of Obzor are the municipiality center (the ancient town of Nessebar) and the famous Black Sea resort “Sunny Beach”. Situared on the seashore, the town offers authentic urbanized atmosphere, typical for all small Bulgarian towns.

The numerous architectural and ceramic fragments, excavated in the city, as well as the remains of fortress walls bear witness to its millennial history. Where present Obzor stand today, migrants from Messembria (Nessebar) founded the marine colony Naulochos. In the Roman guidebooks the fortress had already been mentioned under the poetic name of Heliopolis (Town of the Sun). In the center, near the place where nowadays one can see the city square, during the reign of the Romans a beautiful temple to Jupiter was erected, giving the settlement another name – Templum Yovis. Archaeological excavations revealed valuable finds from that period. Roman columns and capitals are found in the lapidarium, set in small garden near by the central square. When Bulgaria fell to the Ottomans, the settlement was called “Gyozlyou” (Pretty One) and in the 16 th century it was renamed once again, this time to”Gyozeken” which means Obzor (Wonderful Vew).

Nowadays the town of Obzor is an attractive tourist and resort center. The super combination of sea- and mountain air is conducive to climatic treatment and prevention of many adult and children diseases. The town provides a very good base for student recreation (2 220 beds), a library, a tennis court, a football stadium and plenty of sports playgrounds. In order to have a pleasant holiday, the guests of the town can choose either the mountain or the seaside. The mountainous part of the vicinity with mineral spas and beautiful forest meadows is good for picnics, walks and children games.

The town of Obzor constantly changes its face. The ever-changing modernized base, coupled with the hospitality and enterprise of the hosts are an excellent prerequisite for a holiday and entertainment of full value.

The following activities are organized during the tourist season:

• International Children's Festival “Horo-Leader Friendship”

• Neptune Holidays in Obzor

• Various cultural events with the participation of famous Bulgarian actors

• Rockers Get-Together (beginning of August)
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