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Asenovgrad(1800m altitude) is situated in the west part of the Gornotrakiyska (Upper Thracian) Lowland, 20 km south-east of Plovdiv and 84 km away from Smolyan.

It is popular with a lot of monasteries, churches and chapels gathered together and that brought it the fame of “The Little Jerusalem”.
The old name of Asenovgrad is Stanimaka, which means throat defence.

During the year of 1230 Ivan Asen II fortifies and broadens the fortress of Stanimashka, however, he renames the town to Asenovgrad and called the fortress Asenovgradska.

In its vicinities were discovered more than 100 Thracian mounds, more than 40 chapels, there are 8 operating churches and 4 monasteries – “Uspenie Bogorodichno” (The Assumption of Mary), “St. Kirik and Yulita”, “St. Petka” and “St. Nedelya”. The oldest church in the area is Kostnitsa close to the Bachkovski Monastery. It was built in IX c. and decorated with frescoes by Yoan Iveropulets. Even to this day in the churches are kept valuable ancient icons and exquisite carved iconostasis. Of interest are the ancient houses of Renaissance style with original architecture and beautiful carvings.
2 km south of the town erects the historical Asenova Fortress.

11 km south of Asenovgrad is situated the popular Bachkovski Monastery and the village of Bachkovo. 8 km to the east is located The Monastery of Arapovo, called “St. Nedelya”. 9 km away from Asenovgrad is situated the world famous reserve “The Red Wall”. It is 3029 hectares large. There grow more than 600 species of plants most of them included in the Bulgarian Red Book. 45 km away from Asenovgrad is situated the Krastova Forest, considered by many people a wholly place. There is a belief that says: if an ill person stays there overnight it’s very possible to be cured. The spring here is cool, the summer – warm, the autumn is mild and the winter – not so cold, the snow cover in Asenovgrad and it’s vicinities hardly lasts for long time.