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Dolni Dabnik

The Dolni Dabnik municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Pleven District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Dolni Dubnik) and 6 villages. Dolni Dabnik Municipality is situated in the central part of the Danubian undulating plane and has an important crossroad and transport-geographic location. Its territory is crossed by main roads and railway lines connecting the Danubian plane and the Black Sea to the capital city of Sofia and Southern Bulgaria. Dolni Dabnik Municipality has a large reserve of own water sources of drinking water with good quality and flow rate sufficient to cover the population needs. Water intake is mostly by shaft wells, catchment and drainage systems - a total of 33 water sources.

The protected natural sights in Dolni Dabnik Municipality are the following: Peshterite protected area - Petarnitsa village, Gininata Peshtera natural sight in Stoudenets locality, Sadovets village, The area of Stoudenets forest park in Stoudenets locality near the old citadel of the Monastery in Sadovets village and others...

Cities and villages in Dolni Dabnik municipality: Village of Barkach, Town of Dolni Dabnik, Village of Gorni Dubnik, Village of Gradina, Village of Krushovitsa, Village of Peturnitsa, Village of Sadovets