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The Novi Pazar Municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria and occupies the eastern part of Shoumen District. It lies in the hollow formed by three plateaus, the Shoumen Plateau, the Ludogorie Plateau and the Provadia Plateau. The relief is a combination of the flat terrain of Dobrudzha and the rough land of the Fore-Balkan area. The climate is extremely favorable to the successful development of agricultural production, stock-breeding and forestry. The municiapl center town of Novi Pazar is situated in the outwash terrace of the River Kriva and lies 20 km away from the city of Shoumen. Novi Pazar area is rich in ores and minerals. Most effective use is made of sand and kaolin.

A multitude of settlements, castles and necropolises dating back to the Antique and Late Antique Age as well as to the time of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom have been discovered in the municipality. Two Late Antique castles (4 - 6 c. AD) have been discovered in the surroundings of Novi Pazar. One of them is located east of the town. The second is a citadel near the village of Voivoda.

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