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The Pazardzhik municipality occupies an area of 636 722 decares, which is 14.3% of the territory of the District of Pazardzhik. It is situated along the valley of the Maritsa River, in the fertile Pazardzhik-Plovdiv Field. It occupies the western part of the Upper Thracian Lowland, enclosed between the southern slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain and the steep northern slopes of the Rhodopes. It borders the Chirpan Elevations to the east.

The municipality borders seven municipalities of the District of Pazardzhik - Strelcha, Panagyurishte, Lessichovo, Septemvri, Rakitovo, Peshtera and Bratsigovo, and also four municipalities of the District of Plovdiv - Saedinenie, Stamboliyski, Maritsa and Rodopi.

The Pazardzhik municipality has a favourable transitional climate between the Temperate Continental climate of the Danube Plain and the Transitional Mediterranean climate off Southeastern Bulgaria. The climate and the prevalent fertile alluvial meadow soils and talus soils have made Pazardzhik the centre of a rich farming area.

Pazardjik municipality consists of 32 settlements - administrative centre town of Pazardjik and 31 villages. The proximity between the settlements is very close - some of them are only 1-2 km away from each other.

Cities and villages in Pazardjik municipality: Village of Aleko Konstantinovo, Village of Apriltsi, Village of Bratanitsa, Village of Chernogorovo, Village of Cruncha, Village of Debrushtitsa, Village of Dobrovnitsa, Village of Dragor, Village of Gelemenovo, Village of Glavinitsa, Village of Govedare, Village of Hadjievo, Village of Ivaylo, Village of Krali Marko, Village of Lyahovo, Village of Malo Konare, Village of Miryantsi, Village of Mokrishte, Village of Ognyanovo, Village of Ovchepoltsi, Village of Patalenitsa, Town of Pazardjik, Village of Pishtigovo, Village of Rosen, Village of Saraya, Village of Sbor, Village of Sinitovo, Village of Topoli dol, Village of Tsar Asen, Village of Velichkovo, Village of Yunatsite, Village of Zvunichevo