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Tervel municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria, in the northwestern part of Dobrich District. Its territory is crossed by the main road Varna - Dobrich - Silistra. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municiapl center Tervel)and 25 villages. The road infrastructure and communications are well developed.

The chemical, tailoring and foodstuffs industry, wood logging and machine building are developed in Tervel Municipality. The area occupied by forests is 128,384,000 sq. m. It is completely state-owned.

Natural sights and monuments of culture:
The Kaleto historical locality near Balik village; The rock dwelling Sandak Peshtera; The century-old trees: The Old Oak - over 300 years old and 6 Sequoia Gigantea trees of age over 45 years.

Cities and villages in Tervel municipality: Village of Angelariy, Village of Balik, Village of Bezmer, Village of Bojan, Village of Bonevo, Village of Brestnitsa, Village of Chestimensko, Village of Glavantsi, Village of Gradnitsa, Village of Guslar, Village of Jeglartsi, Village of Kableshkovo, Village of Kladentsi, Village of Kochmar, Village of Kolartsi, Village of Mali izvor, Village of Nova Kamena, Village of Onogur, Village of Orlyak, Village of Polkovnik Savovo, Village of Popgruevo, Village of Profesor Zlatarski, Village of Surnets, Town of Tervel, Village of Voynikovo, Village of Zurnevo