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The Municipality Hadjidimovo is situated in the southernmost part of the Republic of Bulgaria and borders the Hellenic Republic. It falls within the Mesta River landscape region. Its relief is shaped by the heights of Rila, Pirin, Slavyanka, Shilka, Bozdag and Western Rhodopes mountains, as well as the sink of the Gotse Delchev hollow and the shape of the Mesta River valley. The network of population centers includes one town Hadjidimovo and 14 villages. The territory of the Municipality is crossed by the newly built road II-19 Gotse Delchev - Koprivlen - Sadovo - the Greek border, which connects the newly set-up Ilinden border control point with the Greece. Some of the population centers have gravitational water supply from the Teshovo group by means of pump stations on water intakes or from their own springs in the respective village. The Municipality falls in a region of transitional-Mediterranean climate. The climate is mild and favorable. The winter is not very cold and the temperature only rarely drops below 0°С, and the summer is hot.

The condition of the environment in Hadzhidimovo municipality is very good, which is a prerequisite for future development of rural tourism and ecotourism.

Cities and villages in Hadjidimovo municipality: Village of Ablanitsa, Village of Beslen, Village of Blatska, Village of Gaytaninovo, Town of Hadjidimovo, Village of Ilinden, Village of Koprivlen, Village of Luki, Village of Nova Lovcha, Village of Novo Leski, Village of Paril, Village of Petrelik, Village of Sadovo, Village of Teplen, Village of Teshovo