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The Yakoruda municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad District. The Municipality includes Yakorouda town and 7 villages. The religious temples in Yakorouda Municipality are 8 mosques and 2 churches, of which 7 mosques are located in the villages.

In the land of Yakorouda town there are two mineral springs and one drill-hole of flow rate 28 -32 liters per second and 42°C temperature. The northern part of the Municipality falls within the Rila National Park. Other natural sights are the waterfall on the Chesna River; the centuries-old trees near Bountsevo village; the bee-garden in Konarsko village, where some of the bee-hives were started 120 years ago.

Yakorouda is an important starting point for hikes throughout the whole Rila Mountain and the Rhodopes, as well as a way point of hiking marches between Pirin Mountain and Rila Mountain. The cleanliness of the air, water bodies and soils makes the region one of the most environmentally clean in Bulgaria.

Cities and villages in Yakoruda municipality: Village of Avramovo, Village of Bel kamen, Village of Buntsevo, Village of Cherna Mesta, Village of Konarsko, Village of Smolevo, Town of Yakoruda, Village of Yurukovo