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Mounts in Bulgaria

Mount Botev
Mount Botev is located in Middle Stara Planina and is its highest peak – 2376 m. it is the third highest peak in the country after Moussala and Vihren.The peak ...
Mount Snezhanka
Pamporovo is the biggest ski-resort in Bulgaria and is about 10 km far from Smolyan. The highest peak in the resort is Snezhanka – 1926 m. There is a television...
Cherni Vrah
Cherni Vrah (Black Peak) ranks No. 74 in the list of the 100 national tourist sites. Here in 1966 the movement called "Get to know Bulgaria - 100 national touri...
Mount Kom
Mount Kom (2016 m) is the fourth highest peak in western Stara Planina and is the highest in Berkovska mountain.The Kom-nova chalet is located in the “Gorna kor...
Mount Bogdan
Mount Bogdan is named after the legendary haiduk Bogdan voyvoda and with its height of 1604 m is the highest peak in Sredna Gora (situated in Central Bulgaria b...
Mount Moussala
Mount Moussala (2925 m) is located in the eastern part of the Rhodopes. It is the highest peak not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkan peninsula. The name ...
Mount Ruen
Mount Ruen is 2251 m high and is the highest in Osogovska mountain (the fifth highest in Bulgaria after Mount Moussala, Mount Vihren, Mount Botev and Mount Cher...
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