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The Bozhurishte Municipality is situated in South-west Bulgaria, Sofia district, immediately next to the capital city of Sofia, on international road Е-80 Belgrade - Istanbul. It is in the southwestern part of the Sofia field. There are deposits of coal and manganese ore on its territory. There are 4 mineral springs. Reliable communications with Sofia and the neighboring municipalities are in place.

The climate is moderate continental, and the relief is low-mountainous. Bozhurishte Municipality is declared to be one of the environmentally cleanest areas in Bulgaria, suitable for herbs production and ecotourism. Another factor conducive to this situation is the closeness of Vitosha Mountain and Lulin Mountain.

Bozhourishte town is one of the youngest towns in Bulgaria. It emerged 105 years ago after the establishing of a military-horses and repair services depot. The tradition in horse-breeding continues until nowadays with raising racing horses and organization of regional, national and international horse racing competitions.