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The municipality of Kostenets (about 500-600 m above sea level) with almost its all settlements is a spa and a resort region of national importance. It is situated in South-West Bulgaria in Sofia District, in the valley of Dolna Banya, along the upper flow of River Maritsa. Centre of the municipality is the town of Kostenets and the most notorious resort centres are the following: Momin Prohod (now a quarter of the town of Kostenets), Momina Banya (also a quarter of the town), Kostenets and Pchelinski Bani recreation campuses. The centre of the municipality is 76 km to the south-east of Sofia, 80 km west of Plovdiv, 27 km east of Borovets Ski Resort. A section of the Trakia highway and the railway line Sofia - Plovdiv - Svilengrad pass through the territory of the municipality.

The favorable climatic factors, the unique combination of warm mineral water resources with the close proximity to the Borovets resort and to the capital city, the presence of natural and historical landmarks are good conditions for developing all types of tourism - eco-tourism, rural, sports and hunting tourism.

Balneology tourism is a major development perspective for the Kostenets municipality. The resorts Momin Prohod, Kostenets Villas and Pchelinski Bani are well established as treatment and rehabilitation centers in the country and are recommended various diseases of the nervous system, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, cutaneous diseases etc. All resorts have well equipped tourist facilities, hotels and villas providing opportunities for recreation, sports and treatment. The volume of investment in tourism - construction of hotels, sports and rehabilitation centers, is continuously increasing.

Cities and villages in Kostenets municipality: Village of Dolna Vasilitsa, Village of Golak, Village of Gorna Vasilitsa, Town of Kostenets, Village of Kostenets (v), Village of Ochusha, Village of Pchelin, Village of Podgorie