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Velingrad is situated in the middle of Chepinska valley, in the most beautiful part of West Rhodopes Mountain. The legends tell that once around those lands use to live Orpheus and that these areas gave the titanic power of Spartacus, the leader of the insurgent slaves from ancient Rome.

The town is located at an altitude of 800 m, surrounded by the beauty of Western Rhodopes’ nature and is the biggest balneological resort in Bulgaria.

It was formed in 1948 by 3 villages: Kamenitza, Ludgene and Chepino. The abundance of mineral waters, the comfortable and modern spa resort facilities, the mild climate and the wonderful nature conditions attract more than 200 000 tourists every year.

More than 74% of the days during the year are sunny. The foggy days are rare. The average temperature in January is 1.8 ?? and in June is 18.7 ??. The winter is mild, very favourable for skiing, the summer is breezy and the autumn - pleasant.

The most important natural resource of Velingrad is the mineral water. The temperature of the mineral springs is between 28 - 86 ??. There are six known thermo-mineral water springs – Chepino, Ludgene 1, Ludgene 2, Kamenitsa, Draginovo and Barbaric Baths. About 80 springs gush up out of the ground and their quantity and composition combine together the healing effects of the waters in Hisarya, Banya and Narechen at the same time. The resort is specialized in healing of pulmonary diseases, joint diseases, neurological, gynaecological diseases, including sterility, renal, liver, gastric-intestinal and other diseases.

Velingrad takes pride in another natural phenomenon – Kleptuza. This is the biggest Karst spring in Bulgaria with debit of 570 litres of ice cold water per second. Its water forms two lakes that flow into the river of Chepinska.

The place of St. Spas is famed with the healing virtues of the patron saint of Good Health.
There are many cultural objects like The Historical Museum, The Picture-Gallery, libraries and cinemas where the guests of the town will find options for entertainment and recreation.

The hunting and game breed reserves offer very good conditions for development of the hunting and fishing tourism.

The place of Yundola is located 16 km west of Velingrad, at an average altitude of 1400m.
The place of Belmeken is situated 24 km north-west of Velingrad at 2000m above sea level and has alpine character.

The Belmeken Reservoir gives a great opportunity for water sports and fishing. 3 km west of it is located an alpine sport resort, bearing the same name.

The place of Kladova is to the north.
South-west of the town are located the cave of Lepenitsa (1200m long) and The Manatarits Biosphere Reserve, a protected by UNESCO area.