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The Panagyurishte municipality is located in South-Central Bulgaria in Pazardjik District. It is situated in the central part of Sredna Gora Mountain, in the Panagyurishte hollow along the course of the Louda Yana River. The average altitude above sea level is 683 m.

Out of the total area of the Municipality the largest is the portion occupied by forests - 46.69%. Agricultural land is 40.38%. The administrative center town of Panagurishte is at 87 km distance from the capital city of Sofia, 78 km from Plovdiv and 42 km from Pazardzhik. This convenient location ensures connection to Sofia and Plovdiv via Trakia highway, which is part of international road Е-80, with an exit at Gelemenovo village. The Municipality ranks fourth in territory in Pazardzhik District. Beside Panagyurishte town another eight population centers fall within this Municipality: Panagyurski Kolonii, Oborishte, Poibrene, Banya, Bata, Popintsi, Levski and Elshitsa. The nature, the wealth of cultural and historical heritage and the warm-hearted people make Panagyurishte region an increasingly attractive destination for Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The numerous sights are visited every year by thousands of people prone to cultural-cognitive tourism.

Cities and villages in Panagyurishte municipality: Village of Banya, Village of Buta, Village of Elshitsa, Village of Levski, Village of Oborishte, Town of Panagyurishte, Village of Panagyurski kolonii, Village of Poibrene, Village of Popintsi, Village of Srebrinovo