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The Peshtera municipality is located in South-Central Bulgaria in the Western Rhodopes region of the Ossogovo - Rhodopes zone (Pazardjik District). Here are located parts of the Besaparski, Kurkarski and Batak Hills, which are cut by the valley of the Srata Reka River and its tributaries. The Municipality consists of town of Peshtera and more 2 villages- Kapitan Dimitrovo and Radilovo. Peshtera is 140 km away from Sofia and 45 km away from Plovdiv.

Making Peshtera region centre of tourism is among the priorities in the Regional Development Plan. In the vicinity of Peshtera there are a number of chapels, sprung in ancient times as Thacian consecrated grounds. There are two natural reserves in the municipality: Koupena Biospheric Reserve, which is of global importance and is under the protection of UNESCO. The Sokola (the Falcon) Reserve spreads over a territory of 1.27 It is located 8 km to the west of Peshtera and south of St. Constantine Resort. It is rich in diverse game. There are a large number of caves in the area of Peshtera.

Cities and villages in Peshtera municipality: Village of Kapitan Dimitrievo, Town of Peshtera, Village of Radilovo