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Lom Municipality is situated in northwestern Bulgaria and is the second biggest municipality in Montana District in terms of both territory and population. It is crossed by international road Е-79 - Euro-corridor No. 4, which connects Western Europe and the White Sea. Of strategic importance is second-class road II-81 (Sofia - Montana - Lom), which is the direct link to Lom port. Lom is the second biggest river port in Bulgaria with the largest natural firth. A project titled 2001 - 2020 Strategic Plan for Development of Lom Port is being implemented. Of strategic importance is also the railway line Lom - Sofia, which is the shortest railway connection from the Danube to Sofia.

Region of Lom has an ages-long history. Among the numerous monuments of culture are 50 houses in the central part of the city in "secession" style built in the period 1900-1935 after designs of Viennese and Belgian architects and with unique mosaics imported from Austria and Italy. The Virgin Mary`s Assu orthodox church of 1897 has been declared a monument of culture.

Cities and villages in Lom municipality: Village of Dobri dol, Village of Dolno Linevo, Village of Kovachitsa, Town of Lom, Village of Orsoya, Village of Slivata, Village of Staliyska mahala, Village of Stanevo, Village of Traykovo, Village of Zamfir