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Chiprovtsi Municipality is situated in the western part of Montana District. It is in the foot of the Chiprovska Mountain. A considerable part of the territory of the Municipality is occupied by forest massifs, mostly of deciduous trees, of area 138.9 sq. km. The agricultural land fund in the municipality is of area 135.8 sq. km, most of which is meadows and pastures.

Natural sights and monuments of culture:
The Chiprovski waterfall; Mishin Kamak cave; Trite Koukli - large rock formations; The rock wreath of Shiroka Planina; The Deyanitsa eco-path; The Chiprovski Monastery St. Ivan Rilski of the 10th c.; The church Holy Ascension; The ruins of the large catholic cathedral Xanta Maria (14th c.); The Historic Museum demonstrates the traditions of the Chiprivtsi citizens in ore mining, gold mining, carpet making and literature schools; The Katerinina house; The Holy Trinity church. In the Mitrovtsi village gorge grows the rare indigenous species "Rajmonda serbika".

Cities and villages in Chiprovtsi municipality: Village of Belimel, Village of Chelyustnitsa, Town of Chiprovtsi, Village of Gorna Kovachitsa, Village of Gorna Luka, Village of Jelezna, Village of Martinovo, Village of Mitrovtsi, Village of Prevala, Village of Ravna