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The Pravets municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Sofia District, on the southwestern elevations of the Fore-Balkan. It is situated 55 km to the northeast of Sofia. The municipality borders Yablanitsa municipality to the northeast, Roman municipality to the north, Etropole municipality to the south and Botevgrad municipality to the west. Its territory represents a beautiful combination of the specific relief of the medium height hills and meadows mingled with the valleys and water-meadows of the rich river network of the Malak Iskar River. The relief is varied - it is comprised of valleys, elevations and elevated valleys and mountains. The average height above sea level is between 350 and 500-600 meters. The average annual air temperature is 10°С. The average annual volume of precipitation is 700-800 mm, the maximum precipitation occurring in spring is in the months of May and June. The snow cover thickness is less than 40 cm, and there are 80 days with snow cover on average per year.

The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center town of Pravetz) and 10 villages and most of population live in town of Pravets.

Municipality Pravets is favorable for tourism development because: Well developed and maintained municipal center; Immediate closeness to Main Road No. 4 and Hemous highway; Small distance to the capital city of Sofia; Well established infrastructure; Very good sports facilities - modern Sports Hall, fitness, tennis courts, football stadium, motorcycle stadium; Numerous local sights - the home of the former state leader Todor Zhivkov and the exhibition room; Tounyakovstki Khan (Inn) in Vidrare village; an old primary school in Vidrare village; opportunities for water sports, fishing and tourism (Dam lake Pravets); The completely renovated swimming pool of Olympic size, located immediately next to Pravets Dam Lake; The dam lakes Skarnava and Ossikovitsa (in Ossikovitsa village), which are quite attractive to fishermen.

Cities and villages in Pravets municipality: Village of Djurovo, Village of Kalugerovo, Village of Manaselska reka, Village of Osikovitsa, Village of Osikovska Lakavitsa, Village of Praveshka Lakavitsa, Town of Pravets, Village of Ravnishte, Village of Razliv, Village of Svode, Village of Vidrare