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Razgrad municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal and district center Razgrad) and 21 villages. Razgrad is a natural crossroad. The other municipalities in the District are surrounding it as a circle. Up-to-date infrastructure is in place, including well developed roads network, power and water supply, central heating. Razgrad is one of the cities with well developed natural gas transfer network.

Tourism development is one of the priorities in the strategic planning of the Municipality.The Pchelina recreation area with its abundant forests, a dam lake, tourist huts and hiking routes has the potential to become a general tourism center. The nature and game diversity in Voden hunting reserve make it an attractive place for development of international hunting tourism.

The Abritus archeological reserve, the ethnographic complexes in Pobit Kamak village and Topchii village, the Thracian tomb at a distance of 50 km from Razgrad all offer options for establishing lasting tradition in cultural tourism. The golf course being built near the Pchelina recreation area will attract the interest of an increasing number of golfers from Bulgaria and abroad in the near future.

Cities and villages in Razgrad municipality: Village of Balkanski, Village of Blagoevo, Village of Cherkovna, Village of Dryanovets, Village of Dyankovo, Village of Getsovo, Village of Kichenitsa, Village of Lipnik, Village of Mortagonovo, Village of Nedoklan, Village of Osenets, Village of Ostrovche, Village of Pobit kamak, Village of Poroishte, Village of Prostorno, Village of Radingrad, Village of Rakovski, Town of Razgrad, Village of Strajets, Village of Topchii, Village of Ushintsi, Village of Yasenovets