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Kubrat Municipality is situated in the center of the Western Loudogorie Mountain and falls within Razgrad District (North-East Bulgaria). The center of minicipality is town of Kuubrat.
The upstream economic sectors are: wood processing, electro-technical industry, and machine building.

The Uperska Koria protected area is located near Uper village. There is a natural formation of wild red peony called Mushterica to the south of Belovets village. Turkish Hazel, which is a protected species, occupies an afforested area along the road from Koubrat town to Toutrakan town. The Wreaths of Rocks are located in Kamenovo village. There are hunting ranges of total area 113.45 sq.km in the Municipality Kubrat. The game is mainly deer, red deer, and wild boar. There are two hunting lodges with good accommodation facilities for hunting tourism. Small municipal water basins have been made near the villages of Yuper, Bozhourovo, Bissertsi, Gorichevo and others, which provide opportunities for sports fishing.

Cities and villages in Kubrat municipality: Village of Belovets, Village of Bisertsi, Village of Bojurovo, Village of Gorichevo, Village of Kamenovo, Town of Kubrat, Village of Medovene, Village of Mudrevo, Village of Ravno, Village of Savin, Village of Seslav, Village of Sevar, Village of Terter, Village of Tochilari, Village of Yuper, Village of Zadruga, Village of Zvanartsi