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The Rila municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Kyustendil District. The Municipality consists of municipal center town of Rila, 3 villages and Rila Monastery. The trans-European highway E-79 (Sofia - Thessalonica - Athens) passes 10 km away from Rila town.

28 mountain and high-mountain lakes exist in the Municipality Rila; the largest of them are circus lakes and are of glacial origin. Kalin Dam Lake is at 2,379 m altitude above sea level - it is the highest-located manmade water reservoir in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. The Rilomanastirska Gora (the forest of Rila monastery) reserve is of area 36.76; the average age of most of the trees species, such as pine, beech and fur, is over 160 years, and the age of some of the tree species is up to 300 years. Another protected area is Rila Monastery Natural Park - 273.70 of forests and high-mountain pastures.

Cities and villages in Rila municipality: Village of Padala, Village of Pastra, Town of Rila, Monastery Rilski manastir, Village of Smochevo