Sofia museums

Sofia museums, sights and landmarks

The National Museum of History in Sofia
The National Museum of History was founded in 1973 and its main mission is to provide an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the Bulgarian history from ant...
“Boyanska Cherkva”
The Boyana Church is one of the few monuments from the middle ages that have been entirely preserved and come down to present day. Its building went through thr...
The Achaeological Museum in Sofia
The Archaeological institute and museum at BAS houses the material and spiritual culture of the tribes that inhabited the modern Bulgarian territory from the an...
Natioanal Museum of Natural Science in Sofia
The National Museum of Natural Science at BAS is the richest natural science museum on the Balkan Peninsula. It houses and popularises the animate and inanimate...
The Ethnographic Museum in Sofia
The National Ethnographic Museum is housed in the building of the former Royal Palace.The museum houses collections of the produce from traditional crafts, cost...
National Museum
National Museum "The Land and the People" was established in 1986. It houses over 20 000 exhibits – gigantic crystals, earth minerals, industrial minerals, raw ...
The Church Museum at the Holy Synod
The museum represents the Bulgarian Orthodox spiritual culture and art. It exhibits a number of manuscripts and incunabular books, valuable icons and prints, ch...
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