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The town of Batak is situated in Western Rhodopes Mountain, 36 km away from Pazardzhik and at an altitude of 1036m.

The resort of Batak Reservoir is situated to the north and includes Batak Reservoir – 17 km long and 4 km wide, and four more other reservoirs – Beglika, Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana and Toshkov Chark.

Usually during the winter heavy snows fall frequently – up to 150 cm in the mountain. Here are constructed an alpine ski slope, which is 1200m long and a 20 km long ski run track.

Typical is the mountain relief with an average altitude of 1136m. In the southwestern part of the Batashka Mountain rises Syutkya Peak. South of Batak tower also Snezhnik peak, Ostri Vrah and Semerelan peak. Across the whole territory of Batashka Plannina (3600 sq.m) runs the hydroelectric scheme of Batak.

On the territory f the Municipality of Batak are located two reserves – Dupkata, protected by UNESCO and Beglika. There are 10 protected sites and the biggest one is called Batashki Snezhnik. Here is also the Fotenski Waterfall, which is a true natural sight.

In the region there are excellent conditions for the development of hunting, fishing, village, alpine and hobby tourism, for winter and water sports as well. To that contribute the untouched natural environment, the varied landscape, the reserves, the natural sights and water resources, the luxuriant flora and fauna.

Points of interests are also the remains of Thracian, Byzantine and Slav fortresses, mounds, bridges and other interesting archeological sights in the area. In the vicinities of Batak there are 9 active chapels.