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Rila is a mountain in southwestern Bulgaria and is the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula with its highest peak Mount Mousala (2,925 m). From Rila rise the Iskar, the Maritsa and the Mesta.

The name of the mountain comes from Roman times – they called it Roula or Rila, which means abounding in water. Rila has about 200 lakes and numerous mineral springs (Sapareva Banya, Dolna Banya, Kostenets, Banya, etc.).

Rila is on of the 100 national tourist landmarks. Very interesting to visit are Mt. Mousala, Mt. Skakavitsa, Mt. Malyovitsa, the Seven Rila lakes, the Rila monastery, the “Protection of Mother of God” convent, and the Museum of History in Samokov. The largest alpine lake in size – Lake Smradlivoto (24 ha) and the highest situated one – Lake Ledenoto (2,709 m) are in Rila. They bear the palm not only in the country, but also on the Balkan Peninsula. A great deal of the mountain is included in the Rila national park, whose territory is abundant in tourist chalets and tourist routes.