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The Slivo pole municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Rousse District. The Municipality consists of 11 villages with municipal center village of Slivo pole.

Slivo Pole Municipality is a traditional agricultural region. The population is employed mainly in vegetables growing, perennial crops, grains production, stockbreeding, and recently in tobacco production.

One of the natural sights in the region is the Apiaria authentic fortress known under the name "Kaleto" or "Hissarya". It is situated near Ryahovo village. In Babovo village a Roman tomb was found. Near Kosharna village there are two Thracian settlements in the Kavaklaka and Mogilite localities respectively.

Four of the population centers in Slivo Pole Municipality - the villages of Ryahovo, Babovo, Brashlen and Golyamo Vranovo - fall within the territory of Kalimok - Brashlen - the largest protected area in Bulgaria. It is characterized by wide variety of natural habitats, many of which are unique. Out of a total of 403 bird species in Bulgaria 100 nesting bird species and 130 migratory bird species are found in this locality. Owing to its rich biodiversity the protected area is an attractive place for ecotourism and ornithological monitoring and birds watching. It is located between two sites of the list under the Ramseur Convention - Srebarna Lake and Belene Islands.

Cities and villages in Slivo pole municipality: Village of Babovo, Village of Borisovo, Village of Brashlen, Village of Chereshovo, Village of Golyamo Vranovo, Village of Kosharna, Village of Malko Vranovo, Village of Ryahovo, Town of Slivo pole, Village of Stambolovo, Village of Yudelnik