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The Borovo Municipality is situated in the northeastern-most part of the Danubean plane in Ruse District. To the north it reaches the Danube bank at Batin village. Batin island is the second biggest island in the Bulgarian aquatic area and it offers opportunities for hunting and fishing. The municipal center is at a 50 km distance to the southwest of the District Center Ruse city. The munciapl center Borovo town is crossed by the railway line Ruse - Gorna Oryahovitsa - Sofia. Borovo railway station is equipped with loading and unloading facilities for cargo trains. Another important transport artery is first-class road I-5 (Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo - Sofia).

One of the priority activities stipulated by the Municipality Strategy is tourism. The picturesque forest parks in Borovo town and in the villages Brestovitsa, Ekzarh Yossif and Batin - the latter being the point of access to the Danube - as well as Batin island are suitable for cultural, hunting and ecotourism. On the land of Borovo town at a distance of 2 km from its center there is a dam lake of area 62,566 sq. m and two fish farms of total area 3,691 sq. m. The magnificent and clean nature, the access to the Danube and the closeness of Batin island, as well as the rich cultural-historical heritage are factors for development of different types of tourism.