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Dve Mogili

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The Dve Mogili Municipality is located in the southwestern part of Ruse Region. The Ruse - Gorna Oriahovitsa railroad line. The Ruse - Sofia road passes on the border with Borovo Municipality. The Cherni Lom and the Baniski Lom rivers flow through the Municipality. Baniska, the biggest dam lake in Ruse Region, is located in the Municipality.

Forests cover about 70,000,000 sq. m. Orlova Chouka cave is located in Pepelina village, 5 km away from Dve Mogili town. Saint Marina Monastery and the church, where a well with healing water has been built inside, are located next to Karan Varbovka village in Aiazmoto countryside.

The preserved nature of Dve Mogili Municipality, the rocks and rock formations, forests, rivers and dams, the Municipality`s population and traditions are the main prerequisites for the development of village and eco-tourism. The Baniski Lom and the Cherni Lom river valleys and the forests provide opportunities for hunting and fishing.